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Download the 2017 Canadian Statutory Holiday Chart.

For information on the 2017 Canadian Stat holidays, download the statutory holiday chart.


2017 Canadian Payroll Information

Need current payroll source deduction and rate information?  Please see the links below for  2017 rates and annual maximums or download the rate sheet.

2017 Canada Pension Plan and Québec Pension Plan Rates and Maximums

2017 Employment Insurance Rates and Maximums - except Québec

2017 Québec Employment Insurance and Québec Parental Insurance Plan Rates and Maximums

2017 Worker's Compensation Maximum Assessable Earnings

2017 Pension Adjustment Limits


2017 TD1 Forms

Access current fillable TD1 forms here:

2017 TD1 Federal and Provincial Forms and Basic Exemptions

Download the 2017 Canadian Payroll Information Sheet. 

2016 Canadian Payroll Information


For information on the 2017 rates and annual maximums, download the rate sheet



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