How can I reduce the employer's rate of EI premiums?

Employers who have employees covered by a wage-loss replacement plan for short-term disability could be eligible for a reduced rate. If the plan meets certain standards established by the EI Regulations, the employer's share of the EI premiums could be paid at a reduced rate (less than the current 1.4).

You must register annually with the EI Premium Reduction Program by submitting an application and the appropriate schedules, which you can find in the Application Guide for the Employment Insurance Premium Reduction Program (IN-121A-01-98E) and a copy of the plan.

You can obtain the Applications Guide for the Employment Insurance Premiums Reduction Program from your local Human Resources Centre of Canada or by contacting:

Premium Reduction Program
Human Resources Development Canada
Nicolas Denys Building
P.O. Box 11000
Bathurst, NB E2A 4T5

Tel: 1-800-561-7923

Fax: 506-548-7473