If we were to sign up with OnPayroll.ca, what is the implementation process like?

Depending on the size of your company and the complexity of your payroll/HR requirements, these are the general steps we follow:

  • Conduct interviews/surveys with your payroll contacts in order to analyze your current services and identify all features required on new system. 
  • Create a requirements specification. This Requirements Specification will include your payroll, HR, security, as well as support services needs. 
  • Conduct further interviews or surveys as required until both parties are satisfied with the final specifications. 
  • Prepare implementation schedule 
  • Sign off on the requirements document and implementation schedule 
  • Perform skeleton company set up and custom programming 
  • Import/enter employee data 
  • Conduct parallel run 
  • Send parallel run reports to client for approval 
  • Adjust company set up/programming as required 
  • Sign off on parallel run reports