Rest Assured, the Reindeer are in Good Hands

It has been a busy month, with the final payrolls of 2012, Hannukah, Christmas and other festivities.  Up on top of Grouse Mountain, the peak of Vancouver, it has been a winter wonderland.  The mountain has been bustling with activities, such as ice skating, sleigh rides and Santa's workshop.  Not to mention two new residents for the month of December, Dancer and Vixen.

Natasha with DancerPictured here with Dancer is Natasha Smyth, Vice President of  She has been a wildlife volunteer for 11 months now with the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife.  Her volunteer commitment involves not only assisting the Rangers in looking after the animals, but also interacting and educating the public.  "It has been an excellent opportunity get involved with the mountain and learn about the grizzly bears, wolves, birds of prey and the native wildlife.  I very much enjoy my time up on the mountain and it's a bonus that I get to be part of the refuge."

Did you know that reindeer can run up to 50 km/ hr or 30 miles/hr?  Both the males and females grow antlers, which they shed annually.  Reindeer can be found at the North Pole, Quebec, Siberia and anywhere there is Tundra.  They live to about 15 years old and are part of the caribou family.  Dancer and Vixen have been well looked after this month, enjoying walks with the rangers and treats, such as carrots and lichen.  They are fed alfalfa and pellets regularly and when not prancing on top of the snow, which their strong hoofs support them, they enjoy naps in the warm straw  in their shelter.  These girls have indeed been well look after and ready to report for duty tonight.



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