Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your nearest Revenue Canada Tax Services or Revenue Quebec if you are doing business in Quebec.

Contact the Workers' Compensation Board in your province.

Each province has its own hospital and medical care plans. In some provinces, these plans are funded by a payroll tax, which the employer pays. The tax is usually a percentage of income paid to employees. In Alberta and British Columbia there is a fixed monthly premium paid by individuals. The employer may choose to pay all or part of the premium on the employee's behalf. The premium that the employer pays is a taxable benefit to the employee.

Employers who have employees covered by a wage-loss replacement plan for short-term disability could be eligible for a reduced rate. If the plan meets certain standards established by the EI Regulations, the employer's share of the EI premiums could be paid at a reduced rate (less than the current 1.4).

You must register annually with the EI Premium Reduction Program by submitting an application and the appropriate schedules, which you can find in the Application Guide for the Employment Insurance Premium Reduction Program (IN-121A-01-98E) and a copy of the plan.

You can obtain the Applications Guide for the Employment Insurance Premiums Reduction Program from your local Human Resources Centre of Canada or by contacting:

Premium Reduction Program
Human Resources Development Canada
Nicolas Denys Building
P.O. Box 11000
Bathurst, NB E2A 4T5

Tel: 1-800-561-7923

Fax: 506-548-7473

We assess your company based on your company's requirements. Once we have analyzed your requirements, we will quote you a set fee.

Depending on the size of your company and the complexity of your payroll/HR requirements, these are the general steps we follow:

  • Conduct interviews/surveys with your payroll contacts in order to analyze your current services and identify all features required on new system. 
  • Create a requirements specification. This Requirements Specification will include your payroll, HR, security, as well as support services needs. 
  • Conduct further interviews or surveys as required until both parties are satisfied with the final specifications. 
  • Prepare implementation schedule 
  • Sign off on the requirements document and implementation schedule 
  • Perform skeleton company set up and custom programming 
  • Import/enter employee data 
  • Conduct parallel run 
  • Send parallel run reports to client for approval 
  • Adjust company set up/programming as required 
  • Sign off on parallel run reports 

You need access to a high speed Internet connection. You also need a PC running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 and a web browser and the Java Runtime Environment version 6 or above installed. When connecting to OnPayroll's web site, please disable your web browser's pop-up blocker feature..

Data transmission between your workstation and our server is encrypted (128-bit). In addition to our own internal auditing, our Internet connected routers are monitored by a security consulting firm around the clock.


Yes, interface files can be generated for the specified pay period during a pay run.