Jul 22, 2015
How do you calculate income taxes when an employee receives straight commission income vs periodic commission vs a combination of salary and commissions?  If an employee is paid on commission or receives a salary plus commission, you can deduct tax in one of the following ways:
Donating vacation time
Jun 17, 2015
Employees donating vacation to other employees has come up a few times lately.  In the United States, some companies have created policies allowing employees to share or donate paid time off to colleagues who are in need.  How common is this practice in Canada? What are the implications for the donors and the donees (recipients)?
Employee wellness
May 13, 2015
Did you know that, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, on any given week, more than 500,000 Canadians will not go to work because of mental illness? Employers can help prevent and manage these problems through's recently launched Employee Assistance Program.
Ontario emploment standards
Apr 15, 2015
Effective May 20, 2015, posting in the workplace isn't enough, employers are required to provide individual copies of the Ministry of Labour Employment Standards Act (ESA) informational poster to each employee.  Employers are required to provide individual copies of the poster to each employee within 30 days of the start of employment.
Hire a student
Mar 18, 2015
Looking to hire summer help? Summer is upon us and with it many students looking for a temporary job to earn some extra money and gain experience. If you are one of the many employers hiring summer students, you want to be aware of your obligations and ensure all your workers are compensated fairly.  
Feb 18, 2015
Employee Compensation for Stat Holidays, New for those Falling Under the Canada Labour Code Effective March 16, 2015, there are new rules governing Canada Labour Code employees qualifying for statutory holiday pay and the calculation for their entitlement.
Nova Scotia Stat Holiday, Peggy's Cove
Jan 21, 2015
The mid-February statutory holiday has become legislated in more and more provinces over the last few years, now Nova Scotia is following suit. It's timing is during the lengthiest period of the year that previously had no stats ( Jan - Apr) to provide a mid-winter break. Will Québec and the maritime provinces follow suit?  
extra pay periods
Dec 31, 2014
What happens every 11 years for some and every 6 years for some others? This year is the year, that if you pay on a bi-weekly frequency or a weekly frequency, your organization may have an extra pay period this year, depending on when your pay period dates fall.  
Nov 19, 2014
Do Employers Pay for MSP Premiums for Employees in British Columbia? It depends.  All residents of B.C. must enrol with Medical Service Plan (MSP) and pay premiums.  There are several payment options. What are the implications if employers pay or reimburse for an employee's  premium? 
Global employment
Oct 22, 2014
Employment Insurance on Income From Outside of Canada Is employment income earned outside of Canada subject to Employment Insurance (EI) premiums?  The answer is, it depends.