Apr 6, 2016
The Ontario government's implementation of the proposed a mandatory provincial pension plan to help Ontario residents save for retirement is delayed a year, until 2018. Ontario is so far the only province to implement such a plan.
Time flies but don't forget vacation dollars
Mar 11, 2016
This is a very complex topic.  Vacation legislation depends on what province or territory your employees are covered under.  Each province has employment standards that legislate vacation time and vacation pay.  PTO isn't legislated in Canada, but vacation is and it's important to track, as vacation accruals are a liability to the company and du
Feb 9, 2016
As an employer, do you make contributions to a private health services plans (such as medical or dental plans) for employees outside of Québec? What is the difference for employees in Québec? 
La Belle Provence
Jan 20, 2016
If you have payroll in Québec, you may be receiving correspondence in French. If you call Revenu Québec, you may get looped in the French telephone menu or get a French speaking person on the phone.  The French language was declared the sole official language of Québec in 1974.When calling Revenu Québec, if you don't speak French, often you can
Dec 15, 2015
Late last week, we lost a friend, a mentor, a fan, and an exceptional person – Bryce Swanson. Bryce passed away from a massive heart attack. For many of us in the payroll industry, Bryce was all of the above.
Dec 14, 2015
We have updated our 2016 rate sheet on our Resources page of our website.The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) published their 2016 tax rates Dec 8, 2015.With these new rates delivered, included is our new go
Rows of Mailboxes to check
Nov 18, 2015
Watch for a notice from the Canada Revenue Agency and/or Revenu Quebec of any changes to your remittance frequency for 2016.  Changes typically happen for January 1st, depend on your average monthly remittance amount 2 years prior and we want you to avoid penalties.
Oct 21, 2015
Canadians voted in a new Government on Oct 19, 2015. A surprise to many, the Liberals under leader Justin Trudeau swept the country and will form a majority government. The liberals were in third place coming into the election with only 34 seats in the House of Commons. They ended up with 184 after the election, subject to a few recounts.
Sep 23, 2015
On an annual basis, the Canada Revenue Agency reviews calculations of Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance premiums and issues a report showing any discrepancies. Now is a great time to review your payroll's pensionable and insurable earnings vs. employee contributions for the year.
Aug 19, 2015
If you are paying retro pay or bonuses to employees, use the rates in force based on the year that the payment is made in.  What deductions apply to these payments? If you pay bonuses and/or retroactive pay increases to your employees, you have to deduct the following amounts: